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my mom getting abused by my dad. >> i'm just in the middle of them fighting, then me and him start fighting. >> he hits her, punches her, he slaps them around. >> steve: are these things happening in your home? >> yes. >> steve: slap your wife? has he ever punched you? >> i've slapped her. i'm going to knock her ass back down. feel me? >> steve: i'd like to feel you. get off my stanl. >> i hope she can open her eyes and leave him. >> i want to know if my daughter's husband is abusing her, hitting her? >> you going to stand there and lie? we have never once laid a hand on her. >> steve: you ever witness your
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boyfriend abusing your little girl? >> he does get aggravated. >> steve: he's refusing to come out. i've never touched my child. i've never hit a kid. >> steve: have you ever taken a lie detector? >> yeah. >> steve: here's the million dollar question -- since he's done that, have you ever had sex with him again? >> yes. >> steve: my guest is asia. you're 11 years old and you called my show, tell me what i can do to help you. >> well, i called your show because i'm sick and tired of seeing my mom getting abused by my dad and like he would kick her or punch her or choke her or kick her in her stomach or things like that, and call her fat names and call her all kinds of "bs" and just stuff like that. i have five sisters in the house and like my 15-year-old sister,
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he will call her a fat "b" and stuff like that. i have an 8-year-old sister and he will call her retarded or dumb because she has a learning disability. and so it would really get to her. like she would go right and cry and hit herself and tell herself she was retarded. >> steve: and when you think about your dad, how do you think about him? >> i hate him. >> steve: you do. you hate your father. and why do you hate your father, because -- >> because of everything that he put us through. >> steve: what are you hoping that will happen after today's show? >> i'm hoping she can open her eyes and just leave him. >> steve: all right. so i want to say you're very brave for calling and coming out here and telling your story. but what i'm going to have to do now is have somebody take you back to a room and you can sit back there while we conduct the
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show and i will do everything in my power to help you and your family get out of this situation. okay? >> okay. >> steve: why don't we bring out asia's mother, lisa, now. let's bring out lisa. how you doing, lisa? >> hi. >> steve: it's shocking to me when i come out and i do my show and i see a young girl -- beautiful young daughter that you have -- and i don't even know what the show is about most of the time. i go what is this little girl doing on my stage? and here she tells the story of her father, your husband, i'm taking it? >> we're not married. you're not married but you're with him. she says -- she's 11 years old and she called the tv show because she's tired of watching her father hit her mother, call
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you names, argue, degrade your other children by calling them names, calling your 8-year-old daughter retarded. >> um-hmm. >> steve: are these things happening in your home? >> yeah, they're happening. >> steve: why? >> well, i tried to leave him couple times. every time i leave he'll find us, then he won't leave. and then i've tried everything. >> steve: you have three children with him. >> and two from a previous marriage. >> steve: okay. and you're hearing your own daughter saying "i hate my father." "i can't stand this for my mother anymore." what effect does that have on you that your own daughter is saying this? 11 years old. >> it hurts but i've been in the violence counseling. i make police reports. i've done everything and i've worked with the law, nobody's ever prosecuted him. nobody ever did anything to him
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so i learned to like deal with it on my own. but he wasn't -- it started after i had asia. we moved into this drug infested neighborhood and he started i think doing drugs because he started hallucinating, saying i was having sex with his family members, i was buying drugs, i was shooting up heroin -- >> steve: you're saying you weren't doing drugs -- >> no. never. i even took a lie detector. never. >> steve: and from what i've been told, you told our producers that he's choked you, punched you, pushed you to the ground, kicked you in the stomach, thrown hot water and food at her, calls her fat bitch and cwhore. gets in fights with his other daughter, called his mentally handicapped daughter retarded. smokes marijuana in front of the kids and breaks things around the house. >> yeah, everything we have that's nice. he just break it when he gets
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angry. >> steve: i'm going to talk to your man that you're having these children with and i'll bring you back out. >> i just been in the middle of them fighting and then me and him start fighting. >> he hits her, he punches her, he slaps her around. >> steve: choke your wife? >> i don't hit women, man. i hit men. >> i want to know if my daughter's father is abusing her, hitting her, troeing her around, i don't know. >> you're going to stand there and lie? we have never once laid a hand on her. >> steve: it's time to take your stand where you give me answers to today's big questions. is drunken es ever an excuse for bad behavior? dial 877-steve-tv. tell me what you think. plus you'll receive several exclusive offers when you call. show me where you stand and call call 877-783-8388 now. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years?
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>> steve: let's bring out asia's father, raul. [ bleep ] >> steve: how you doing, raul? >> all right. >> steve: please don't even -- please don't sit on my stage. >> why not. >> steve: first of all, your 11-year-old daughter is on my show. okay? this is your daughter. you should be ashamed of yourself, she's calling myself saying -- >> i can talk to you?
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>> steve: what's that? >> i can talk to you? >> steve: if you're standing up. >> what you know about me and my daughter. >> steve: only what she told me, 11-year-old little girl. >> you're not going through my situation. >> steve: not only your 11-year-old daughter, i've talk to her -- say wife for practical terms. you've had three children with her. right? you are raisings five with her? >> yes. >> steve: she comes out and says all these things. she says, yeah, what asia, my 11-year-old daughter, she says is true. so i want to give you a chance to have your say but i'm also going to read you what the card says that the things that you do. and then you tell me if they're true or not true. okay? choked your wife. >> no. >> steve: never? >> never. >> steve: punched her? >> maybe once, twice. >> steve: maybe once or twice? kick her in the stomach? >> what? >> steve: ever kick her in the stomach? >> no. >> steve: you ever throw hot water or food at her? >> no. >> steve: ever call her a whore?
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>> who? >> steve: your wife. >> yeah. >> steve: again i'll asking if you do that in front of asia or your other children? >> no, not really. >> steve: you have. >> i have. >> steve: you call your mentally handicapped daughter retarded? >> no. >> steve: you've never done that? >> call her retarded -- here's what happened -- look. >> steve: if there's anything like this, no way i'm going to justify it. >> hey, there's a reason for everything though. hey. hey. reason for everything though. snim's trying to find some humor in that. >> one reason why, i always try to get her act like all the daughters. but she been pampered all the time by lisa. she can't do nothing. she keep on doing -- she still act like a little baby when she supposed to be 8 years old. she act like she's -- >> steve: she's mentally handicapped. >> she's not mentally handicapped. that's because the mama give her everything, she's the baby out of the bunch. she do anything she want to do.
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>> steve: so you're helping her by calling -- >> she's going to listen to me, trust me, on anything. >> steve: smoke marijuana around in front of your kids? >> sorry to say i have, yes. >> steve: are you really sorry or you just don't give a dam? >> i know it's wrong but i'm not sorry. i know ain't no hard drugs, ain't no hop, no coke, no speed like she be doing. >> steve: so you're a good role model. >> yes, i'm a good role model. way better than her mom. [ bleep ] >> steve: you break things in the house? >> yeah. one time i did. >> steve: one time. i only hear one time, only broke one time, only called her retarded one time. >> i mean not time but once i really broke some stuff in the house. >> steve: let's see what lisa's other two daughters said about you. >> i don't like raul because he's abusive to my mom, he hits her, punches her, slaps her around, he throws hot water on her. every time he fights with my mom, me and my sister jump in to
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protect her and he hits on us. >> i'm just in the middle of them fighting, then me and him start fighting. when he will's hit me he punch me in my face or punch me and my mom down on top of each other and kick her where she can't get up off the floor. >> when he gets mad at me he punches me in the face and calls me the "b" word. raul smokes marijuana in front of us. he even brought crack to our house and try to make my mom smoke crack. >> he just treats my mom like she's dog, like she's below him. he uses her for whatever she can get out of her. >> after the show i don't want him to come home with us, i just want him to leave after the lie defector prove he's lying. >> after she leaves i'm afraid he'll come back and try to hurt my mom and i don't want that to happen to her. it's not fair. i think that every man that hits on a woman should be in jail and like be far away from us. >> steve: these two young women
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on the tape with your wife's two young daughters from a previous relationship. so everybody's lying? are they lying? >> pretty much. >> steve: why is -- why is everybody lying against poor raul? >> i got seven girls in the house. i'm always wrong. >> steve: i'd like to believe you. >> you don't have to believe me. i took a lie detector. >> steve: did you take a lie detector? >> yes, i do. they always go through this at home. i don't hit women, man. i hit men. on anything. come up here! want try it? >> steve: no, no, no. [ bleep ]. >> steve: listen, we're not going to have that. >> oh, no? [ bleep ]. >> steve: these aren't men saying, oh, raul -- these are your own daughters. >> yeah, i know. it hurts. >> steve: this is your wife that's saying this. >> steve, it hurt, man. >> that's my mama! >> steve: has raul ever punched
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you? >> i've slapped you. i'm going to knock her ass back down. feel me? >> i'd like to feel you. get the hell off my stage. have you ever witnessed your boyfriend abusing your little girl? >> he does get aggravated. >> steve: he's refusing to come out. i'm not a morning person, but with 5-hour energy i feel great. sure beats coffee. mornin', honey. 5-hour energy, the cure for mornings. clinically proven unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep so you wake rested. unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer.
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>> steve: come experience the "steve wilkos show" live -- for free tickets visit steve w
12:21 pm or steve wil koes dkos dot com. >> steve: i'm going to have your wife come out here. >> see what she say. snim's getting the gist of it. he basically admits to a lot of what we read on the card about what he's done to you, once or twice did that, i did that once, did that once, just claiming i just does marijuana. you have your two older daughters from previous relationship, they come on, say on the taped piece that he's done a lot of bad things, they're tired of it, they're afraid from you. so i say is everybody lying? your wife, your kids? he's saying, yeah, basically he's the man, he's trying to put the rules down, you guys don't like the rules so you're all lying on him. >> that's not true. you didn't hit me? >> what did you do for that? >> steve: you say i was on
12:22 pm
heroin and drugs? you say i have track marks? >> what you talking about. >> i took a lie detector. >> big old hop thing with the little pan top with the needles -- who was it? >> i don't know. wasn't mine. >> steve: you act like there are reasons for you -- good reasons that -- to hit her, to beat her. >> i lost it. i did. i lost it because, hey, man -- >> steve: then you say that you find some drugs around the house -- you are a drug user! >> what? marijuana? marijuana? please, man. please. please. >> steve: okay. all right. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. i can't say no names but the girl you grew up with, her boyfriend was doing crystal meth and you was doing it with her, you kept coming back saying you saw me buy drugs on the corner. >> i knew her all my life. >> steve: you're doing meth. >> like six months?
12:23 pm
that's it. >> steve: six months? that's not a long time. >> i did do meth for like six months. >> steve: do you abuse her -- but you thought it was because she was doing drugs. >> have my kids in all type of places, she od'ing in front of my kids, in front of my family members and stuff? i was young. she come up, bump me, knocking me down on the floor. what am i going to do? get up like a sucker? i'm going to knock her ass back down. feel me? >> steve: yeah, i'd like to feel you. >> don't knock me down like that, man. i don't hit her. i don't sock you like that. >> steve: your two oldest daughters, let's bring them out. >> you going to sit up here and lie? >> lie about what? >> that's my mama!
12:24 pm
>> you lie so much! >> you can't do that to my mama! that's my house! [ bleep ]! >> let's see the result! >> steve: you go through this in your life every day? >> no, that's my girls. >> steve: you're not making them happy. >> man, my kids don't be happy. nobody take care of mine but me. >> steve: you want to stay with this man? >> i want him to get some help and counseling. >> steve: you know what? i'll say this. he's the typical bully. he's the typical wife abuser. he's the typical -- >> what? >> steve: you are.
12:25 pm
>> whatever. >> steve: so typical. i mean you've been on this show a thousand times before but just a different name and a different shape and a different size. but you've been on this show -- >> look at me. hey, ain't no big size in me. i don't hit women. i ain't ball my fist up and hit you. >> when? >> in '96. >> i slapped you. >> i thought you said you don't hit her? >> that's my broad. you don't even know me. snim's g >> steve: i'm getting tired of hearing you so i'm going to get to the results. you were asked is raul physically abusive towards you. you answered yes. has raul ever punched you. you answered yes. has raul ever kicked you, you answered yes. and the results for that is that you told the truth.
12:26 pm
which of course, raul wl explain each and every one of those situations -- >> exactly. >> steve: exacy. and lisa, you also took -- she wassked more question-- have you ever had sexual intercourse with another man since you e been in a relationship with raul. she answered no. have you ever used any illegal drugs since you've been in a relationship with raul? how long have you been with raul? >> 13 years. >> steve: and she answered no to that one, too. the results for her lie detector test -- your 11-year-old daughter called the show and sh wants my help si can't just say, pick aoor -- >> i never touched my child! i never hit a kid! >> steve: and you took a lie detector test. >> there was a bruise on each [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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>> steve: do you know a child who's being abused or neglected? called me at 1-888-steve-07.
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>> steve: she was asked mor questions -- have you ever had sexual interseurse with another man since you've been in a relationship with raul. she answered no. have you ever used anyo illegal drugs since you've been in a relationship with raul? how long have you been with raul? >> 13 yes. >> steve: and s answered no to that one, to the results for her lie detrtor test is the subject told the truth. [ blee]. >> yeah. yeah. >> i don'tve >> steve: you don believe that. >> yeah, she told the truth. >> for 13 yeyears. all the years put t together an you abuse me -- >> i come here nor nothing, man. get me up out of here, man. >> wk off the stage. you wasn't no man.
12:30 pm
you walk off the stage? you ain't no man. >> steve: i'm going to ask you two young girls to leave the stage for now. >> [ bleep ]. >> steve: before the show raul was going toq take a lie detectr tend and before he answered some questions, raul confessed to currently having a sexual relationship with another woman. he admito to slapping and pushing you around. he confessed that he's called your one daughter camisha a fat bitch. he admitted to hitting asia with excessive force. and a little girl -- yeah. you admitted it. you told our lie detector test you admitted to hitting her with excessive force. >> don't know what that means. i don't hit my daughter like that. >> steve: mr. street smart doesn't know what that means. and you also admitted to referring toour mentally
12:31 pm
handicapped daughter at retarded. then we actually gave you the test, something that you didn't admit to. you were asked,av have you ever punched lisa? you answered no. have you ever choked lisa? he answered no. >> not that i remember. >> steve: and lisa, what do you think the results of those lie detector tests were? >> he failed everything. >> steve: you got the answer, you got the results of your lie detector test. he failed. >> [ bleep ]. >> steve: is there anything you want to say to him? >> no. i'm glad he admitted to having a sexual relationship with somebody currently because i'm out. that's all i want to know. you lied to me and told me you weren't doing it. >> steve: raul, with no disrespect -- >> you've been disrespectful. >> steve: i don't like you, get the hell off my stage. >> hey! hey!
12:32 pm
steve! steve! >> steve: now, i would love to conclude the show with -- pick a door. there's raul, there's help, and everything else, but i can't do that with this particular instance because your 11-year-old daughter called the show and she wants my help. so i can't just say pick a door and pick a life. really, all you have to do is watch replay of this show and see all the pain in your children's eyes, all the tears that they're shedding and i don't know if you're going to want to spend anymore time with raul. >> even if i don't let him back to the house, when i get home he will slap my child, he will bust my windows, i will have nothing left -- >> steve: then let's work together. let's send copies of this tape to your local police department. we will get the police department. we will get raul locked up. but there's no point -- are you going to speak up for your children and say it ends today!
12:33 pm
>> yeah. >> steve: i don't want you to tell me that. i want you to go back and i want i to tell your 11-year-old daughter asia that today it ends. >> steve: i think your mom has something she wants to say to you. >> he's going to get out. >> okay. love you, mom. >> steve: i hope that you're going to carry through on this and we're going to stay in touch and we're going to update this story and we're going to find out in a few weeks, few months, where you're at and where you're at with raul and what you're doing for your children. >> i want to know if my daughter's father is abusing her, hitting her, throwing her around, i don't know. >> you're going to stand there and lie? we have never once laid a hand
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>> steve: the drama unfolds right here so come be a part of it. >> steve! >> steve: free tickets to the "steve wilkos show," visit and click on tickets or call 1-877-74-steve. >> steve: my guest is maggie. maggie, why are you here today? >> i'm here today for two reasons. first reason is to find the truth and the second is to expose it. i want to know if my daughter's father is abusing her and i also want his girlfriend to know that i'm not lying about him being a cheater, a liar and a scumbag. >> steve: a cheater, a liar, a
12:37 pm
scumbag. he's got some good qualities about him, huh? >> oh, super. >> steve: super. okay. you're how old? >> 19. >> steve: 19. so young relationship. but during the course of that young relationship you ended up having a little girl with him. >> yes. >> steve: right. how old is she? >> 13 months. >> steve: 13 months. congratulations. got to be very exciting for you. now, the two of you break up. >> he levz me. >> steve: he left you. >> for another girl. >> steve: you were nine months pregnant and he said see you later. >> he basically told me i don't want anything more to do with you, then i found out he was with this other girl right away. >> steve: here's the billion dollar question. since he's done that, have you ever had sex with him again? >> yes. >> steve: and you're going to explain why? >> yeah. um, a couple months ago he was taking me to a friend's house and he was giving me my daughter early. we have split custody. he was taking me over there. he said he had to stop at his
12:38 pm
house for something. i said okay. >> steve: you fell for the trap. >> yeah. >> steve: he said come inside. you said okay. there's the bed. >> he had my daughter. he was holding my daughter. he took her into the room and we started talking. i was holding her after that. and we were just talking about everything for a little while and one thing just kind of -- >> steve: led to another. your clothes end up off. >> yes. >> steve: and you had sex with him. >> yeah. >> steve: now when you got done with that experience, how did you feel? >> absolutely disgusted with myself. >> steve: you were like, what the hell did i just do? >> exactly. >> steve: so then you feel bad for his girlfriend or is it more of you did that because you kind of wanted to hurt this other girl? >> i have nothing against her -- >> steve: you have nothing against her? >> i just want her to know the truth because i'm sure that he's told her that i'm a liar and all this other stuff and i don't want her to think of me as that type of person because i'm not a liar. >> steve: so you really don't know a lot about this girl, just that he's with her. >> i've spoken maybe three
12:39 pm
sentences to her. >> steve: he sends you text messages? >> yes. very lewd, disgusting, dirty text messages. he was basically saying that he wanted to have sex with me again. >> steve: and you say that's not happening again? >> that's what i said. >> steve: i shouldn't have done that, i'm wrong? but you're here today because you want to tell this other girl that he cheated on her with you. >> and that i'm sure he's done it with more than just me because in some of the text messages he told me if i wouldn't have sex with him, then i need to find him another girl to have sex with or he'll do it on his own. >> steve: why would you help him find another girl to have sex with? >> i have no idea. >> steve: so he says it's your responsibility -- i broke up with you, but if you won't have sex with me, you need to find me somebody else to have sex with? >> he's not the brightest person in the world. >> steve: um, you believe he's abusive to your daughter. >> yes. >> steve: how does he do that? >> either hitting her, throwing her around, i don't know. >> steve: have you seen this?
12:40 pm
>> no. the first time she came home from being with him after he got partial custody, she came home with a bruise probably proportional -- about this big on her thigh. she wasn't walking or crawling at the time so she couldn't have done it to herself. she was rolling her but she couldn't stay on her side long enough to have got an bruise from something. >> steve: is there a pattern? >> it's happened more than once. because after the first time -- >> steve: what does he say? >> he gets irately upset. the first time i confronted him about it he yelled and screamed at me and told me he and his girlfriend can discipline her however she sees fit. >> steve: discipline what? she's 14 months old. >> steve! >> the second time that she came home with a bruise she had it on her left calf and they were finger marks like maybe she was trying to roll her away from him, he grabbed her and yanked her back. >> steve: he says he didn't have the recent sex with him. are you making this story up that you had sex with him just because you're angry is.
12:41 pm
>> no. >> steve: you did have sex with him. >> yes. and i did file a report with the police about the abuse. >> steve: what did the police say? >> they said get any proof that you can. being a first-time mother i have no idea what to do. >> steve: you took a lie detector test before the show and we'll get to those results. we are going to meet his new girlfriend. let's bring her out. >> [ bleep ]. >> you're going to stand there and lie and -- >> we have never once laid a hand on her. he did not touch her! >> how do you know? are you there all the time? >> excuse me? oh, my god! >> steve: did you ever witness your boyfriend abusing their little girl? >> he does get aggravated. >> steve: he's refusing to come out. >> i never touched my child! i never hit a kid! >> steve: and you took a lie detector test. >> yes. >> steve: it's time to take your
12:42 pm
stand. where you give me answers to today's big questions. is drunkenness ever an excuse for bad behavior? just dial 877-steve-tv. that's 877-783-8388 to tell me what you think. plus you'll receive several exclusive offers when you call. show me where you stand and call 877-steve-tv. that's 877-783-8388 -- now.
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>> steve: the story is, you knew they were together, they broke up, and she's saying now that he's been dating you, you had sex with him. while he was dating her. >> he told me they were broken up but i don't know for sure. >> steve: you tell me, what kind of guy is he? >> i know he has his faults, just like everyone else does. >> steve: what faults does he have? >> he does get aggravated. he doesn't like to do a lot
12:46 pm
of -- at certain times he doesn't like to keep a job. he's a deadbeat, to put it nicely. >> steve: he doesn't like to work. >> but since he was been with me he's got a job, which he did not have apparently that long while he was with her. >> steve: so she's here today for two reasons. because she wants to say, hey, i feel bad, i shouldn't have slept with him, but i did. she wants you to know. is that a good thing or a bad thing this. >> i have nothing against her as far as i'm aware. >> steve: but you just want to make her aware that he slept with you? >> exactly. i just want you to know -- >> steve: have you ever witnessed your boyfriend abusing their little girl? >> never once has he laid a hand on her in anger. >> steve: let's get back to the fact that she's 14 months old. what can you discipline a 14-month-old child for? >> steve! >> steve: you're telling me -- you're telling me -- we have no reason to lie, you do not witness your boyfriend abusing their little girl. >> no, not at all. >> steve: why would he? it doesn't make a lot of sense.
12:47 pm
but i could be wrong. we'll get to the lie detector test. did you believe that he slept with her? >> i am honestly not sure either way because i know of other incidences where he has talked to other people but nothing has been done -- >> steve: he talk inappropriately to other women? >> i don't know if it was inappropriately honestly. >> steve: it wasn't like he was talking to me. >> i don't know who they were, just random people. >> steve: he was talking on the phone. what was he saying? >> he had found their information on a site on the internet. >> steve: so he's on like kind of prowling for girls. >> a long time ago, yeah, he was. >> kathy, let me ask you something, if he cheated on me, what would stop him from cheating on you? honestly. >> steve: here's the big question -- he's 19 years old. he doesn't like to work. he likes to sleep around. so why are either one of you involved with him? >> steve! >> i have my reasons.
12:48 pm
i have a child with him as well. >> steve: oh, have you a child with him, too. >> yeah. >> steve: so you've got no choice. >> i do have a choice, actually. >> steve: the choice is, at some point he's going to be in your life because he's the father of your child. >> yeah. >> steve: okay. now if he takes this lie detector test and say he fails just the cheating part, your response would be? >> i can't give you one right now. >> steve: okay. so you might stay with him. >> there's a possibility, yeah. because i do have feelings for him. yeah. >> steve: what if he fails about the abuse part? >> for my daughter's well being, i will not ever have anything to do -- >> steve: what if he's abusing his other child? >> that, i hope she gets custody then. >> steve: do you ever see the marks on the child that she's talking about her child? do you ever see marks on her? >> i have seen them once when she came to our house that day from being with her of marks on her face. >> steve: what kind of marks? >> there was a bruise on each cheek, big bruises, some on her forehead with a big huge
12:49 pm
scratch. >> she had one bruise here and one bruise here. >> steve: a 14-month-old baby. their fingernails are like razor blades, they have to done it themselves, right? >> yeah. that's what i said. i was never accusing anyone of anything, then if she's going to accuse -- >> steve: you never called the police or anything? >> they were involved just so we have a record because of so much drama that goes on between this custody stuff. >> steve: so this is the scratch on the baby's face. >> yes. >> steve: okay. his name is aaron. let's bring him out. he's refusing to come out. wait a second. let me get this straight. the two women that he loved and had children with, he'll let you come out on stage -- >> he's going to leave you just standing by yourself, kathy. >> steve: both of you have been with this guy, now he's leaving both of you to hang out to dry. he doesn't want to come out on stage. >> steve! >> he's waiting out there to make a fool out of you. he's not going to come out here and show you that he's a liar.
12:50 pm
>> steve: so i will go back and make a visit to mr. aaron then. >> steve! >> are you seriously going to leave your girlfriend standing out there alone because you're afraid you're going to be proven a liar? >> no. i never touched my child! i lost my family because of you! >> steve: here's -- >> you're afraid of being caught as a liar and a cheater. >> steve: hold on a second. came on the show. these are two women that you're involved with. you have children with both of them. don't you think, hey, you're being accused of something pretty awful here, abusing your own child. don't you think you'd come out, at least explain your side of the story? >> i would, but -- i'm angry -- >> steve: of course you're angry. i agree with you. >> i don't want to hit her. i never hit a kid! i never spanked my [ bleep ] child. >> you're not afraid to spank
12:51 pm
your other family members. >> like who? >> they're not here so i can't talk about them. >> steve: the point of this show is the abuse towards your daughter and the fact that he's saying that you slept with her while you were either in a -- >> i slept with her on fourth of july when i was with my girlfriend and my two kids. >> steve: when your relationship was over with her, did you have sex with her anymore is. >> yeah, i had. >> steve: so you did have sex with her. since you were with kathy? >> no. >> steve: you haven't? >> no. >> steve: never once? >> no. >> really? >> really. >> steve: and you took a lie detector test. >> yeah. >> steve: aren't you curious about those results? >> i am, yeah. >> steve: let's go. come on. >> steve! lú[@[@oó
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
>> steve: you're saying you took a lie detector test before the show, and you're telling me, man-to-man, father to father, steve, i don't abuse my kids. >> yeah. >> steve: do you believe in any way that your ex has abused your baby? >> yeah. >> steve: you do! >> yeah. >> steve: you think that she's abused your baby. >> yeah. >> steve: what have you done about it? >> i've tried -- well basically did nothing. >> steve: so you did nothing. so you think that there is a possibility that this woman is abusing your child and you didn't do anything about it. >> that just shows the type of person you are. you obviously care about her that much that if someone's going to be beating your child you're going to stand by idly and watch it happen. >> steve: what i think this story comes down to is,
12:55 pm
19-year-olds sleeping with each other having babies and i'm mad because you slept with her and i slept with you and i think the children are being dragged into it because you don't know how to act like adults yet. >> steve! >> steve: you took a lie detector test before the show. confident with the results? >> yep. >> steve: you were asked did you ever strike aaron's daughter hard enough to leave mark. your answer, no. the results for your lie detector test is that you had told the truth. >> kathy, thank you and i'm sorry for saying that but as a mother, you should know that i had to know. that's my baby. i had to know. and i hope you understand that. as a parent. >> steve: the results that we really -- what's really
12:56 pm
important is about whether either of you abused the child and then we'll get to sexual portion of the lie detector test. maggie, you took a lie detector test before the show. you were asked, did you ever strike your daughter hard enough to leave a mark. you answered no. the results for that portion of the lie detector test is that you told the truth. >> i told you. >> steve: you were asked, did you ever strike your daughter hard enough to leave a mark and you answered no, and the results for that question on the lie detector test is he told the truth.

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